Papadam : (2 Pieces) Very thin, crunchy and crisp wafer made of lentil flour – 1.50

Vegetable Samosa (2 pieces) – Triangular shaped, deep fried vegetable patties – 2.99

Crunchy Onion Bhujia – Pan fried fritters made by dipping onions in a spicy chickpea -batter – 5.50

Vegetable Chaat – Spicy potato garnished with chaat masala, yogurt, onions, tamarind sauce, cilantro & sev – 3.50

Samosa Chaat – Samosa topped with chaat masala, yogurt, home made tamarind sauce, cilantro and sev – 3.99

Begooni – Deep fried eggplant slices coated in chickpea flour with spices. Served with our home made sweet and sour tamarind sauce – 3.50

Dahi Vada: Vegetarian Lentil Dumplings served w/ yogurt sauce and spices – 3.99

Zucchini Pakora: Zucchini slices coated in a gram flour batter and fried – 2.99


(Served with Basmati-Coconut rice or Naan)

Malai Kofta Curry – Two fried spicy dumplings of Indian cottage cheese, cashew nut, raisin and vegetables. Served in a mild creamy cashew nut, onion and fresh tomato sauce -10.99

Paneer Makhni: Indian Cottage cheese cubes in a flavorful creamy sauce with peas and fresh tomatoes – 10.99

Butter Chicken – Mild breast of chicken marinated and cooked with tomato, yogurt, butter and spices – 10.99

Chicken Tikka Masala – Spicy breast of chicken marinated in yogurt, tomatoes, and served in a creamy sauce – 10.99

Ginger Chili Chicken – Flavorful breast of chicken simmered in fresh ginger, cilantro, onions, herbs and spices – 10.99

Chicken Curry: Marinated boneless chicken thigh in a flavorful mix of herbs and spices – 10.99

Beef Vindaloo – Tenderloin tips marinated with ginger, garlic, green chilies & potatoes – 11.99

Tangy Sautéed Chicken: Grilled strips of breast with fresh vegetables – 11.99

Kashmiri Style Lamb curry – Fresh leg of lamb with ginger, peppers and onions – 14.99

Bengal Style Mustard-Shrimp: Sautéed in cumin, cilantro, green chili, and shallots in a piquant mustard cashew nut sauce – 14.99

Bengal style Mustard Paneer : Sautéed in cumin, cilantro, green chili and shallots in a piquant Dijon mustard cashew nut sauce – 14.99

Madras Poached Salmon: Served in a silky delicate coconut saffron sauce – 14.99 

Shrimp Tikka Masala: Shrimps marinated in yogurt, tomatoes, and served in a creamy Garam-masala sauce – 14.99


Naan – Famous Indian style bread, baked in a tandoor oven. Basted with Ghee – 2.99

Clay oven Naan – Special hand made Naan which are imported from India. Basted with Ghee – 3.50

Garlic Naan – Imported Clay oven Naan w/garlic – 3.99

Basmati Rice – Finest quality Indian rice cooked with coconut milk, ghee (clarified butter) and spices – 2.99


Vegetable Biryani – Basmati Rice cooked in coconut milk; sautéed in vegetables, peas and carrots. Served with cashew nuts and raisins – 10.99

Paneer Biryani – Mildly spiced sautéed Paneer cooked in our coconut milk Basmati rice. Cashew nut and raisin – 13.99

Chicken Biryani – Tender morsels of marinated chicken simmered in a spicy blend of ginger, cilantro and herbs. Served with coconut milk and  basmati rice. cashew nuts and raisins – 13.99

Shrimp Biryani – Marinted shrimps gently cooked with basmati rice, ginger, cilantro and herbs. Served with cashew nuts and raisins – 14.99

Hyderabadi Lamb Biryani – Marinated leg of lamb cooked with Basmati rice and served with cashew nuts and raisins – 16.99

Beef Biryani: Spiced Tenderloin Tips cooked w/ Basmati Rice. Served w/ cashew nuts and raisins – 15.99


Raita – Bowl of refreshing yogurt with grated cucumber, diced onions, tomatoes and cilantro – 1.99

Masoor Dal – Lentil cooked with onions and spices. Garnished with ghee and lemon slice – 3.99

Dal Makhni: Red Kidney beans and whole lentil in a creamy texture – 3.99

Moong Dal: Flavorful Moong Dal w/ spinach – 3.99

Chana Dal: Split chick pea w/ coconut milk and spices – 3.99

Spinach Tofu/Paneer – Spinach gently sautéed in onion garnished with your choice of tofu or paneer – 4.99

Eggplant Bhurta – Roasted eggplant sautéed in onions, cumin seeds, ginger and sour cream – 4.99

Sauteed Bhindi – Okra and delicately sautéed with onions and spices – 3.99

Aloo Gobi – Cauliflower and potatoes sautéed in onions, cilantro – 4.99

Chana Masala – Chickpeas (Kabuli Chana) cooked with fresh tomatoes and exotic spices – 3.99


Mango Paradise – Heavenly combination of yogurt, sour cream and condensed milk. Topped with mango pulp – 2.50

Vanilla Ice Cream – Topped with mango pulp – 2.50

Gulab Jamun – Cottage cheese balls deep fried and served in syrup – 2.99

Pomegranate Mango Kulfi - Home made Indian style Ice cream – 2.99

Rasmalai: Soft milk patty in cardamom flavored creamy syrup. Garnished w/ pistachio – 2.99

Rice Pudding: Traditional Indian “Paayesh” simmered in flavored milk. Topped w/ pistachio – 2.99

Carrot Halwa – Freshly grated carrot simmered in milk, ghee paneer and cashew nuts – 2.99

Mango Cheese Cake: Home made mango flavored. Drizzled w/ chocolate syrup – 2.99

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